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our story

hi, i’m duffy

i’m a 23 year old artist living in boston, ma on stolen land of the massachusett, pawtucket, wampanoag, and nipmuc peoples. i’ve been drawing, painting, and creating ever since i can remember.

remembering bunnies is a passion project created in order to explore my drive and desire to make art.

thank you for supporting my dream by being here.

i’ve never been one to shy away from the grotesque, stigmatized, or morbid. i see creation and destruction as one in the same, and i seek to celebrate that dichotomy through my work. remembering bunnies is about celebrating life and loss, and learning how to hold on to what we care about most. no matter the limits of memory, a shadow exists within the mind, body, and soul, that leads us back to where we need to be. enjoy the journey. 

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